Review of "This Jail I Made" from Recording Magazine Craig phone interview on Inside Mac Radio Craig Interview via phone on Manila's Nu Rock 107 FM

A shortened version of This Jail I Made was first released on a compilation put out by Recording Magazine. Here you can hear editor-and-chief Michael Laskow's review before the song (which they faded due to time constraints).

The recording features the amazing rhythm section of Fred Wolford (drums) and Myron Dove (bass), who eventually played on several tracks from The Fine Art of Politics. Danelle MacDonald provides her always wonderful backing vocals.

Lots of fun geek talk and maybe a bit of opinion about technology and education.

I had just sprinted from from my booth at MacWorld at Moscone Center to my office a couple of blocks away. You can hear from my voice that I was pretty wired!

NURock was a great radio station in the Philippines that had been very supporitve of my music.

DJ Francis Reyes was a one time bass player for Philippine rock group The Dawn. Despite a terrible audio delay in his signal, he conducted a great interview.