Craig talks about being an independent artist. Music Video "Silly Sentimental Fool" directed by and starring Craig Abaya Craig Abaya on the making of the "Silly Sentimerntal Fool" music video.

Filmed by Jarid Johnson at San Francisco's legendary Biscuits & Blues Nightclub.
Here I get to talk about what it means to be an independent artist.

The music video I made for my song,
Silly Sentimental Fool.
Shot in locations around San Francisco,
South San Francisco and Burligname.
Co-starring Kristina Hontalas.

The second part of my interview at
Biscuits & Blues, Jarid asked me to talk about my process in directing the Silly Sentimental Fool music video.
Bridge School News Network Craig featured in television commercial for SFSU Digital Video Intensive Stern Grove Concert Films
I'm a very proud a staff member of The Bridge School.

The Bridge School News Network is a news show, anchored by Bridge School students to keep the world up-to-date on their activites including exclusive backstage interviews with music industry artist supporters.

Again, by circumstances, I am once again the actor. This was a Comcast ad for my SFSU Digital Video Intensive training program.

Since 2006, I've been producing and directing concert films all summer. It began as a way to get more production experience and name credits for my students as well as my contribution to a wonderful venue that has offered free concerts since 1938. We also film exclusing interviews and pre-concert talks.
Often, I am joined by Philip J. Gallegos to co-direct the concert crew.

SFSU MSP Real World Digital Video "Try Anything Once" song from 2002 feature film directed by Craig Abaya.
For years at SF State Extended Learning, I served as the Director of Digital Media & Entertainment Programs (a title I created for myself).

During my final year, I created informational videos. Here's the one I made for the Multmedia Studies Program (including the Digital Video Intensive).

The year we launched the Digital Video Intensive, a number of parties in the industry were excited about the dv revolution. Apple and 12 other companies provided us with support for a feature film shot entirely in dv.

At that time, I was contacted by author, Gerald Everett Jones, about appearing on the companion DVD for his upcoming book, "Real World Digital Video." Here, edited by my then intern, Silvia Martinez Yenes, is that clip.

A song from the 80 minute feature film for DIRECTV starring 2-time Grammy Award winner, Bruce Hornsby.

I served as producer and I co-directed with Jarid Johnson, who also served as director of photography. Shelley Blockhus was assistant director. Dave Hurley, Tony Jenkins, John Gilmore, and Siliva Yenes Martinez were editors, all from SFSU CEL's Digital Video Intensive.

This project was executive produced by Mark Altekruse and Lana Posner.

This was clip was also featured in the companion DVD to the book "Real World Digital Video."

Web Design Intensive program in Mandarin News Craig featured on Mandarin T.V.  

It was the tail end of the boom and I was enjoying the popularity of my Web Design Intensive at SFSU Extended Learning. Here my student, Anastasia Ling, and I are interviewed on abc7 about our training and our development of websites for local non-profit organizations.

Interviewed on Mandarin television for the work we accomplished through the Web Design Intensive program.
Check out the old G3 computers in the lab!
I wonder what they were saying about me in this story!!!