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I like to tell people that I started shooting concerts even before I had a camera. LOL! That's actually true! Apart from the first couple of artists I shot with my point-and-shoot, I would borrow my big brother's SLRs to shoot concerts. Eventually I got my own camera(s) and lenses and still love shooting artists to this day. I've been very blessed to have had so many brushes with greatness. My favorite story is the day the executive director of The Bridge School came to my production truck and said, "Elton John would like to meet you!" I never in my life thought I'd hear something like that! Elton was one of my childhood influences as a pianist, singer and composer! God has quite a sense of humor! I'm sure you all just want to look at picture of my mug. Download if you like! I'm sure there are a lot of dartboards just yearning for my picture!
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In some ways I don't think I'm a true photographer. I'm more of an educated picture taker. From the age of 9 I would just see something and want a picture of it. Occassionally, as with the "against traffic" picture above, I have an idea and I find out how to get the shot.