I could have very well called this section "Pontification." This is my personal pseudo-blog where I will rant about subjects I find important. Some of the topics I will cover in the future...

Saving Memories
People are unaware of how temporary their films, photos and tape recordings are... ESPECIALLY after they've been digitized. In this article I will write about archiving those memories and the "must-dos" to make sure that the originals and the digitized versions don't disingegrate.

The True Liberal
The great challenge in being truly liberal is to question our own individual motives and knee-jerks and those of any belief system that may come our way. I am not left wing nor am I right wing. Sifu Bruce Lee always taught that you have to be honest with yourself... and that that is a very difficult thing to do. I was a 5th generation student of his philosphy of Jeet Kune Do and was very inspired by what I learned.

Craig's Faves in Music
Self-serving as it is–and I don't believe there are any betters or worses in art–I want to share my favorites.

Craig's Faves in Film
Again, there is no "better" but I will list why my favorites are my favorites.

The Music Industry

I hate it and yet I am part of it.

A Biased Technology Timeline

The dent in the universe and how it affected everything.

Wisdom In Popular Culture
Great wisdom has manifested itself in the most unlikely places: the 80s gang-related film Colors, the 'innocent' observations of 50s Beaver Cleaver and even the expressions of tolerance expoused by 60s Jed Clampet. I think this might make a great book of inspiration.

Taoism, Chaos Theory and the Gospels
What do yin and yang, fractals and the sermon on the mount have in common? Everything!